Enontekiön kuntaWelcome to Enontekiö - The True Lapland

On an unforgettable journey through the wide open wildernesses of Lapland, the shores of the free-flowing rivers, the waves of the blue lakes, the fells and the cycle of the eight times of the year going on forever.

Nature and location by the borders of Norway and Sweden
Unique nature combined with a versatile supply of services make experiences you will never forget possible for you. Enontekiö is being situated by the borders of Norway and Sweden, which gives you the opportunity to take, for example, a day trip to Skibotn, Norway, to see the shore of the Polar Sea, or Kautokeino, which is known as the Lappish capital of Norway. From Karesuvanto you can visit the Swedish village of Karesuando by simply crossing the border river.

Reindeer, dog team and horse trips, snowmobile safaris, snow-shoe trips in the winter or swamp walks on snow-shoes in the summertime and fishing trips of high standard give you a chance to get to know the Enontekiö way of life. The nature's qualifications for hiking, camping, picking berries, mountain biking, canoeing or shooting rapids are excellent.

Brown trout, salmon or grayling?
Enontekiö is a fisherman's paradise with rivers of salmon and lakes in the fells. The salmon of the river Könkämäeno, the graylings of the river Lätäseno, the whitefish of the lake Pöyrisjärvi and the brown trout of the lakes in the fells are awaiting to be caught...

There are plenty of events in Enontekiö, all around the year. The Hetta Music Event in the Eastertime, the Maria's Day Festival, the Kilpisjärvi Midsummer Activity Week, the Annual Ice Fishing Competition Week, the Snowcross-snowmobile races and the Rajaväylä-Cup are merely a part of the events offered by Enontekiö, for local people as well as travellers.

By flight, by train or by your own car
You can easily travel to Enontekiö by flight, by train or by bus. Even though the municipality of Enontekiö is one of the largest in Finland, everything is easily accessible. Reach your hand out to discover more than you could even imagine!

Now I wish you a great journey, hopefully you enjoy what you see and get interested in the things you experience.

We'll meet in Enontekiö - the True Lapland,
Mikko Kärnä
municipal manager